Imperfect world

’Imperfect world’ is a series of conversations exploring exploring where politics, society, and technology meet. Hosted by Japan-based scholar, Dr Christopher Hobson.

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Sunday Mar 06, 2022

Sunday Mar 06, 2022

This is a brief introduction to ‘Imperfect World’, hosted by Christopher Hobson, a scholar and writer based in Japan. It builds on the writings found on his substack newsletter, 'Imperfect Notes on an Imperfect World'.
To begin with, this conversation series will focus broadly on thinking about the relationship between society and technology. We need to examine more carefully how digital technologies are reshaping our lives, the ways we think, the conditions in which we act. It is a vital component of the changes now taking place.
The world is littered with hints and clues; the challenge is recognising them, looking and listening. That is what this conversation series attempts to do.
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